CrimeMiner - Case Builder

Web app providing local, on-demand file upload, transcription, and search across uploaded files

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Built for instant accessibility

Our software solutions are simple and easy-to-use on the front end, enabling a zero-learning curve experience that gets new users up and running instantly.

Key benefits

Developed under the guidance of current and former detectives, police officers, prosecutors, and law enforcement officials.

Close cases

  • Search for key terms across all calls in all participating jurisdictions (non-privileged)

  • Obtain evidence even if suspects/offenders utilize another inmate’s PIN to make calls

  • Ability to react before evidence is destroyed

Inmate safety

  • Prevent inmate suicide

  • Discover disease outbreaks


  • Audit trail of investigative activity 

  • Remove potential bias in monitoring 

Jail monitoring

  • Get visibility into 3-way calls used to circumvent monitoring controls

  • Detect/prevent witness tampering

  • Fight drug trafficking into the jails/prisons

Core features

At the core of CrimeMiner is the ability to search the transcribed files at scale using key terms and phrases that are at the core of your case.

  • Add information associated with the case

  • Enter the terms to search for

  • Select audio/video files to upload

  • Specify users to share the case with

  • Audio/video files uploaded and transcribed

  • Search is automatically initiated across uploaded case files

  • Receive in-app notification of completion

  • View the status of a Case (pending, complete) based on the status of each file (e.g., uploading, transcribing, transcoding, complete)

  • View the results of the term search (term hits, full/context transcription review)

  • Export the important transcriptions that include the "hits" on key terms/phrases searched in the transcribed text to successfully build your case

Smart solutions are at the core of all that we do at Chuqlab

Our solutions have been developed under the guidance of current and former detectives, police officers, prosecutors, and law enforcement officials.

Our software improves the efficiency of your team so they no longer have to listen to hours of jail phone calls and wire taps, watch hours of interrogations and web cam footage, etc.

With CrimeMiner, your team is now equipped to analyze high volumes of audio and video data by uploading criminal investigation files through our intuitive interface, and sitting back while CrimeMiner rapidly transcribes them and applies AI-driven keyword analysis to determine "hits" in the transcribed files, allowing you to isolate those sections of the files that are relevant to you and your case.

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