CrimeMiner - CaseBuilder

Web app providing local, on-demand file upload, transcription, and search across uploaded files. For prosecutors, police departments, and smaller municipalities.

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Core features

At the core of CrimeMiner is the search capability at scale. Key terms and phrases specific to your case can be searched against all transcribed files. Once identified, the relevant transcriptions can then be exported.

  • Add information associated with the case

  • Enter the terms to search for

  • Select audio/video files to upload

  • Specify users to share the case with

  • Audio/video files uploaded and transcribed

  • Search is automatically initiated across uploaded case files

  • Receive in-app notification of completion

  • View the status of a Case (pending, complete) based on the status of each file (e.g., uploading, transcribing, transcoding, complete)

  • View the results of the term search (term hits, full/context transcription review)

  • Export the important transcriptions that include the "hits" on key terms/phrases searched in the transcribed text to successfully build your case