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Speed up criminal investigations

Use high-tech to solve substantial data problems in a simple way

With Chuqlab’s technology, analysts and investigators no longer need to spend hundreds of hours sifting through all of the audio and video files manually. 

Instead, CrimeMiner will- within minutes- search through the files, find all necessary evidence, and provide transcripts of each and every file.

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Built for instant accessibility

Our software solutions are simple and easy-to-use on the front end, enabling a zero-learning curve experience that gets new users up and running instantly.

Tired of sifting through cases with numerous jail phone calls, interviews, wiretaps, and other audio/video files? Book a demo today to see how CrimeMiner can help.

Smart solutions are at the core of all that we do at Chuqlab

Our software improves the efficiency of your team’s ability to analyze data by enabling batch upload of phone files, rapid transcription, and AI-driven keyword analysis.

Our solutions have been developed under the guidance of current and former detectives, police officers, prosecutors, and law enforcement officials.

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Key benefits

CrimeMiner has been tested by detectives, police officers, prosecutors, and other law enforcement officials to ensure it meets their transcribing and searching needs.

From single files to thousands of files, CrimeMiner has been proven to save time and resources.

Jail phone calls

Icon Search for key words and phrases across thousands of hours of material
Icon Receive timestamped, speaker-separated transcripts of each individual call
Icon Build a case with the suspects own words as evidence


Icon Review all interviews upon learning new information
Icon Analyze transcripts for further evidence

Other A/V files

Icon Find evidence quickly from phone dumps, wire taps, witness provided files, and more
Icon Uncover leads that could help close your case


Icon Audit trail of investigative activity
Icon Remove potential bias in monitoring

See what CrimeMiner can do for you

We have two CrimeMiner offerings:

CrimeMiner - Agency

High-volume batch/real-time upload and filtered search across all files. For jails and large municipalities. Supports open ended investigations.

CrimeMiner - CaseBuilder

Local, on-demand file upload and search across uploaded files. For prosecutors, police departments, and smaller municipalities. Supports targeted cases and investigations.

About us

Chuqlab is backed by a passionate group who are dedicated partners in stopping crime. We prioritize markets and industries that are severely underserved by the technology community. We’ve designed our solutions to be nimble and adaptive, allowing for custom solutions for your specific needs. 

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