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Chuqlab transcribes jail phone calls and other audio files pertinent to investigations to help law enforcement solve past and current crimes as well asprevent future ones.

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Our software solutions are simple and easy-to-use on the front end, enabling a zero-learning curve experience that gets new users up and running instantly.

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Smart solutions are at the core of all that we do at Chuqlab

Our solutions have been developed under the guidance of current and former detectives, police officers, prosecutors, and law enforcement officials.

Our software improves the efficiency of your team’s ability to analyze data by enabling batch upload of phone files, rapid transcription, and AI-driven keyword analysis.

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Key benefits

Developed under the guidance of current and former detectives, police officers, prosecutors, and law enforcement officials.

Close cases

  • Search for key terms across all calls in all participating jurisdictions(non-privileged)

  • Obtain evidence even if suspects/offenders utilize another inmate’s PIN to make calls

  • Ability to react before evidence is destroyed

Inmate safety

  • Prevent inmate suicide

  • Discover disease outbreaks


  • Audit trail of investigative activity 

  • Remove potential bias in monitoring 

Jail monitoring

  • Get visibility into 3-way calls used to circumvent monitoring controls

  • Detect/prevent witness tampering

  • Fight drug trafficking into the jails/prisons

See what CrimeMiner can do for you

We have two CrimeMiner offerings:

CrimeMiner - Agency

High-volume batch/real-time upload and filtered search across all files. For jails and large municipalities. Supports open ended investigations.

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CrimeMiner - CaseBuilder

Local, on-demand file upload and search across uploaded files. For prosecutors, police departments, and smaller municipalities. Supports targeted cases and investigations.

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About us

Chuqlab is backed by a passionate group who are dedicated partners in stopping crime.

We prioritize markets and industries that are severely underserved by the technology community.

We’ve designed our solutions to be nimble and adaptive, allowing for custom solutions for your specific needs.

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